Preparatory study on
Smart Appliances

Project Summary

The Ecodesign Preparatory Study on Smart Appliances (Lot 33) analyses the technical, economic, market and societal aspects that are relevant for a broad market introduction of smart appliances.

The study started in September 2014 and deals with Task 1 to 7 of the MEErP methodology:

  • Scope, standards and legislation (Task 1, Chapter 1);
  • Market analysis (Task 2, Chapter 2);
  • User analysis (Task 3, Chapter 3);
  • Technical analysis (Task 4, Chapter 4);
  • Definition of Base Cases (Task 5, Chapter 5);
  • Design options (Task 6, Chapter 6);
  • Policy and Scenario analysis (Task 7, Chapter 7).

The work on Task 7 is still in progress and therefore is not yet integrated in the report available on this website. The refinement of policy options and the overall Task 7 analysis are the subject of an ongoing second phase of this Preparatory Study, together with the following new elements that will be included in the scope of this follow-up study:

  • Chargers for electric cars: technical potential and other relevant issues in the context of demand response.
  • The modelling done in the framework of MEErP Task 6 and 7 will be updated with PRIMES data that recently became available, and with the EEA-countries.